Why Local Honey is the Best

Why is Local Honey the Best

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For centuries, honey has been used and consumed not only because of its delicious taste but for its healing and rejuvenating properties. Today, honey is very much accessible to anybody with dozens of varieties found on grocers. Whilst this sweet liquid gold is undeniably packed with nutrients, BE WARNED as not all honey are equal.

Unfortunately, most kinds of honey that are sold commercially have undergone processing that destroys all the beneficial properties of raw honey. One of the best ways to ensure that you're getting high-quality, nutrient-dense honey is to buy it locally!

The Best Honey is Raw Honey

Local bee farmers take pride in the honey that their bees worked hard for. That is why most keepers choose to only produce the purest form of honey—raw honey. Yes, “regular” honey looks "better" as it is clear and syrupy, but raw honey that is buttery or opaque contains the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds that are beneficial to the body.

Combats Allergies

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, consuming local raw honey may just be the answer to your burden. Unpasteurised honey contains a tiny amount of pollen from local plants that the local bees visited when producing honey. It is believed that when local raw honey is regularly consumed, the body would be able to build immunity against these allergens over time.

Good for the Environment and Agriculture

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Bees may be small, but do you know that these amazing insects are very important to us humans? That’s because a third of the crops we eat come from plants that were pollinated by bees. When bees are released by their keepers to collect pollen, this help propagate local plant life and maintain the ecosystem— this gives us another reason to patronise local honey.

Bees play a vital role in our environment, but unluckily their population is dwindling rapidly. If you want to help save them, one small step you could do is to support your local beekeepers who are passionate in protecting and taking care of bees.

My Dad’s Honey is Australian Certified Organic honey. It is exclusively harvested in a family-owned farm in Echuca/Moama. The honeybees that take part in producing My Dad's Honey are lovingly and tenderly cared for. The honey is raw and cold spun with no additives or nasties—just as nature intended.


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