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What’s In Your Candle Smoke? Choosing A Healthier Candle

There’s nothing like a candle to set the atmosphere in your home. It can make you feel more cosy when it’s dark or cold, and it can scent the air around you. But many may not realise that some candles give off toxic by-products and can cause harm. Here are some of the facts about the more common types of candle and how they can affect the health of your whole family.

Paraffin candles

Many cheaper candles are made used paraffin, a petroleum by-product. But it is believed by many environmental scientists that paraffin candles can give off toxic and carcinogenic by-products when burned.

Paraffin candles are also the most likely to contain toxic wicks. Older style wicks can contain heavy metals that pollute the air, particularly indoors.

Soy candles

As the world became aware of the issues with paraffin, it turned to soy candles as a better alternative. But now it’s becoming apparent that soy may not be the saviour it’s made out to be.

One major concern with soy is sustainability. Soy is one of the biggest crops in the world, and is generally produced as a monoculture. This method of farming can have massive impacts on the environment and can render fields damaged and infertile.

Soy candles are often blended with other wax such as paraffin to make production cheaper. So you may still be inhaling toxic by-products if your candles are made with a blend.

Candle scents

Unfortunately, it’s not just the type of wax that can be a problem. It can also be the scents used. Environmental experts believe that scented candles can trigger asthma and even migraines in sensitive people.

Many people who are health-conscious turn to essential oils for their candle scents. But although essential oils can have benefits when diffused, burning is a different story. It’s believed that some essential oils can actually become toxic when burned.

Certain essential oils can also be toxic for pets, so if you have a furry family, you may want to avoid using them.

Beeswax candles

Candles made of beeswax are our favourite candle choice, and for good reason. These candles are all-natural, and don’t need any additives to stabilise them. They also don’t produce any toxic by-products or a lot of heavy soot when burned.

Because beeswax already has a natural honey scent, you don’t need to add fragrances. And the scent of honey wafting throughout the house is sweet and luxurious. Your whole family will feel calmer in no time!

But there are some extra benefits for beeswax candles. When burned, they produce negative ions that can neutralise pollutants that are drifting throughout the air. This can help to reduce dust, odours and mould in your home.

The best news is that you can source high-quality beeswax for candles right here at My Dad’s Honey! Our beeswax is sourced directly from our certified organic beehives. Head to the store to order yours today.

To read some research about candles and air pollution, click here.


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